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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • El. Bd. Op. 1976-03

    A separate, segregated fund may not agree with prospective contributors that their contributions will be given to the party or candidate of their choice. (Issued to M. Scott Cisney, February 18, 1976)

  • El. Bd. Op. 1977-06

    Earmarking; committee combining activities as registrant and conduit. A committee's transfer of funds in response to an individual contributor's request that his contribution be used for a specific purpose is an act of earmarking, regardless of whether the request is made after the individual's contribution takes place. Such transfers may be made only if the committee functions as a conduit for the transfers, transferring the identities of the earmarking contributors to the designated recipients along with the earmarked funds.

  • El. Bd. Op. 75-3

    A non-resident political committee is subject to the same registration and reporting requirements as a resident committee but may maintain its campaign depository outside of this state. The term "solicitation" as used in §11.38 (2), Stats., includes those activities which have as their sole purpose and which by their nature or manner result solely in the raising of funds. (Issued to M. Scott Cisney, November 19, 1975)

    This opinion was reviewed by the Government Accountability Board pursuant to 2007 Wisconsin Act 1 and was reaffirmed on May 5, 2008.

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