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State Ethics Board

Frequently Asked Questions

This Frequently Asked Questions is being added to all the time. Please check back again for new entries.


    The Ethics Board advises that:

    1. A state public official attending a conference or convention may accept
          educational or informational material or other item for the purpose of
          conveying it to the State of Wisconsin for the use or benefit of a state
          office or agency.

  • 2006 Wis Eth Bd 05 - GIFTS

    In determining whether a gift is of “substantial value,” the Ethics Board
    looks at the totality of the circumstances.* Here, the value of the gifts is small in
    comparison to the time you devoted to the two organizations, the sentimental
    value of the gifts is greater than their monetary value, and the gifts are, in
    essence, commemorative in nature. In these circumstances, we conclude that
    the gifts are not of “substantial value” as that term is used in the Ethics Code,
    and you may keep them.

  • 2006 Wis Eth Bd 06 - FEES & HONORARIUMS; GIFTS

    Wisconsin law [§19.56 (1), Wisconsin Statutes] encourages you to
    address groups about legislative, administrative, executive or judicial processes
    and proposals and issues initiated by or affecting a department or the judicial
    branch and to accept reasonable compensation from the sponsor when you do.
    The bookends offered are well within the ambit of reasonable compensation. If
    your address can be appropriately characterized as meeting the subject matter

  • 2005 Wis Eth Bd 03 - PUBLIC CONTRACTS

    The Board advises:

    1) That you notify the Ethics Board and the appropriate state agency before entering a contract
          with a local Wisconsin government in which the local government is acting as the state’s agent; and

    2) You need not provide notification to anyone if the contract is paid from shared revenues or
          other funds the state provides the local government over which the state has ceded control.

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