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El. Bd. Op. 1978-01

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Subcommittees of political committees: Local unions may terminate separate registrations and become subcommittees of political action committee operated by a regional affiliate, so long as subcommittees do not engage in financial activity independent of the parent committee and a single depository and treasurer are used. Such subcommittees may act as fund-raising agents for the regional committee, provided they exercise no discretion in transfer of funds to the committee and meet the statutory time deadlines for reporting and transmittal of collected funds to the committee treasurer. §§11.10, 11.26 (2)(c), Stats. (Issued to Lee Cullen, March 16, 1978)

This opinion was reviewed by the Government Accountability Board pursuant to 2007 Wisconsin Act 1 and was revised to reflect statutory changes allowing the subcommittee 15 days to report and transmit a contribution to the affiliated PAC. 1979 Wisconsin Act 328; §11.06(4)(c), Stats. The opinion below was reaffirmed by the Government Accountability Board on October 6, 2008 and fully incorporates the revisions directed by the G.A.B.