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El. Bd. Op. 2000-02

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Non-registrants, including corporations, may communicate to the general public their views about issues and/or about a clearly identified candidate, without subjecting themselves to a registration requirement, if the communication does not expressly advocate the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate; expenditures which are "coordinated" with a candidate or candidate's agent will be treated as a contribution to that candidate; intra-association communications that are restricted to "a candidate endorsement, a position on a referendum or an explanation of the association's views and interests" distributed to the association's members, shareholders and subscribers to the exclusion of all others, are exempt from ch. 11, Stats., regulation; and a non-partisan, candidate-non-specific voter registration or voter participation drive is not subject to the registration and reporting requirements of ch.11, Stats.

This opinion was reviewed by the Government Accountability Board pursuant to 2007 Wisconsin Act 1 and was reaffirmed on March 26, 2008.