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I’m an older Wisconsin voter

Voting from your home

If you are indefinitely confined due to age, physical illness, infirmity, or disability, you can make a single absentee ballot request to your local municipal clerk to be permitted to vote an absentee ballot automatically at each election, if you are registered to vote (see information about voter registration). 

Indefinitely confined voters do not need to have a photo ID to vote. Instead, a witness signs your absentee ballot envelope.

You can make the request in writing or by completing the G.A.B. Application for Absentee Ballot. (GAB-121) fill in the third circle in Question 6 on the application, certifying that you are indefinitely confined.

Voting from a nursing home or other facility

Municipal-appointed Special Voting Deputies may also offer the opportunity to vote in-person if you live in a nursing home, community-based residential facility, retirement home, residential care apartment complex or an adult family home licensed or certified by the state. Check with your local municipal clerk for details (find your clerk on My Vote WI: You must be registered to vote before voting an absentee ballot.

Voters in nursing homes and special care facilities do not need to have a photo ID to vote. Instead, the Special Voting Deputies sign your absentee ballot envelope.

For more details about this process, see the publication Absentee Voting in Nursing Homes

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