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2011 Wisconsin Act 23 Information

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is still providing free state ID cards. To learn about getting a free Wisconsin ID card, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website:

On March 6, 2012, Dane County Circuit Court Judge David Flanagan ordered the Government Accountability Board and Governor Walker to “cease immediately any effort to enforce or implement the photo identification requirements of 2011 Wisconsin Act 23, pending trial of this case and further order of the court.”

On March 12, 2012, Dane County Circuit Judge Judge Richard Niess declared "2011 Wisconsin Act 23’s photo ID requirements unconstitutional to the extent they serve as a condition for voting at the polls." The judge also permanently enjoined the defendants "from any further implementation or enforcement of those provisions."

Act 23 contains several other non-photo-ID provisions affecting elections, including residency and absentee voting.  These provisions, including the requirement to sign the poll list, are still in effect. Please see the links below.

This page contains information for voters and local election officials about the law and its requirements.  It will be updated as the Board develops new educational materials.

Learn about the History of the Voter Photo ID Law.

Wisconsin Legislative Council Act Memo for Voter Photo ID Law