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Archived News Releases

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Title Date
Wisconsin Spring Primary Election Results Certified March 3, 2009
Chief Justice to Select Government Accountability Candidate Committee Members Tuesday February 20, 2009
Elections Division to Conduct Voter Record Maintenance February 19, 2009
Wisconsinites Urged to Vote in Tomorrow’s Primary Superintendent of Public Instruction Leads State Ballot February 16, 2009
Accountability Board Will Move to New Headquarters January 21, 2009
G.A.B. Report Spurs Wisconsin Attorney General to Finally Concede Voter Records Lawsuit January 16, 2009
Accountability Board Votes to Advance “Issue Ad” Rule Requiring Disclosure of Contributions for Political Ads January 15, 2009
G.A.B. Votes to Issue Rule to Encourage Uniform Electronic Campaign Finance Report Filing January 15, 2009
Jefferson County Circuit Court, Branch 1 Ballot Access Deadline Extended January 7, 2009
Accountability Board Achieves Major First-Year Goals December 30, 2008
Wisconsin’s Presidential Electors Meet at State Capitol December 15, 2008
Government Accountability Board Director Receives International Award for Distinguished Service December 8, 2008
Wisconsin Certifies November 4 General Election Results December 1, 2008
Wisconsin Finishes Successful Pilot of New Campaign Finance Information System November 19, 2008
Government Accountability Board Reiterates Original Plans to Check Voter Records November 11, 2008
State Election Runs Smoothly in Wisconsin Officials to Examine Improvements for 2009 Elections November 6, 2008
Elections Division’s Tips to Voters: Remember the “Four Ps” on Tuesday November 3, 2008
Last Minute Tips for Wisconsin Voters November 3, 2008
Significant Increase Seen in 2008 Absentee Vote November 3, 2008
“Top 10 Things a Wisconsin Voter Should Know for Election Day” October 30, 2008
Election Officials are Prepared for Election Day – Are You? Wisconsin is prepared for record voter turnout on November 4th October 28, 2008
Accountability Board Sets Guidelines for Election Observers Polling places prepared for record voter turnout on November 4th October 24, 2008
Accountability Board Comments on Circuit Court “HAVA Checks” Decision October 24, 2008
Statement Concerning Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton’s Voter Registration Status September 25, 2008
Board Certifies September 9 Primary Election Results September 25, 2008