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Recount Manual

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August 21, 2014
Procedures to request and conduct a recount for an election or referendum
Recount Manual -- Election Recount Procedures552.75 KB
Recount Plan 2014.pdf26.46 KB


This Recount Plan 2014 shall be used for recounts resulting from the 2014 Partisan Primary. This Recount Plan supplements and clarifies certain items of the Government Accountability Board’s manual entitled Election Recount Procedures, dated September 2008 (revised May 20, 2009). The Election Recount Procedures manual as supplemented by this Recount Plan shall govern the recount of any election for office at the Partisan Primary.

Where this Recount Plan conflicts with the Election Recount Procedures manual, the Recount Plan controls. The procedures set forth in the Election Recount Procedures manual as modified by the 2014 Recount Plan shall assist with ensuring a uniform recount process.