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Eye on Lobbying User Manual

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November 26, 2012
Eye On Lobbying User Manual
01 Create_Account - UserGuide.pdf254.16 KB
02 LogOn - UserGuide.pdf196.62 KB
03 Reset_Password - UserGuide.pdf585.12 KB
04 ApplyForLicense - UserGuide.pdf1.07 MB
05 Register_Principal - UserGuide.pdf1.59 MB
06 Pay_Fees - UserGuide.pdf724.76 KB
07 Amend_Lobbyist_License - UserGuide.pdf419.92 KB
08 Amend_Principal - UserGuide.pdf924.92 KB
09 Lobbyist_Time_Reporting - UserGuide.pdf825.31 KB
10 6_Month_Reporting - UserGuide.pdf1.11 MB
11 15_Day_Report - UserGuide.pdf1.17 MB
CreateAccount_ResetPassword.pptx396.08 KB
Lobbyist Licensing.pptx780.68 KB
PrincipalRegistration_LobbyistAuthorization.pptx915.17 KB
Pay_Fees.pptx668.91 KB
15_Day_Reporting.pptx1.3 MB
LobbyistTimeReports.pptx359.39 KB
EyeOnLobbying_WebsiteOverview.pptx169.06 KB

The Government Accountability Board publishes this manual for the Eye on Lobbying website.  It was last updated in November 2012. Click on the links above to open each chapter.

In 2014, the GAB began developing webinar training videos for the Eye On Lobbying website. The PowerPoint presentation slides for the current webinars are also posted above.