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Lobbying Reporting

Lobbyists and organizations that employ lobbyists are governed under Chapter 13  of the Wisconsin Statutes.  They are required to complete a Statement of Lobbying Activities and Expense Report every six months.  The report for January – June is due July 31 and the report for July – December is due January 31.  They are also required to report within 15 days of lobbying on a specific legislative and administrative proposal and topic. All reporting of lobbying administration is done online using the Government Accountability Board's award-winning Eye on Lobbying website.

Online Reporting Tools

The Eye on Lobbying website allows lobbyists and lobbying organizations to:

  • Report an interest on a bill, budget bill subject, rule or topic within 15 days of making the first lobbying communication on a matter
  • Complete a lobbyist time report for a six-month reporting period (January to June or July to December)
  • Complete an organization six-month Statement of Lobbying Activities and Expenditures (SLAE) report.

In addition to the Statement of Lobbying Activity and Expense Reports managed by our agency, all state agencies are required to file Legislative Liaison reports to the  Government Accountability Board every six months.  Key staff and agency officials who are authorized to affect legislation notify the Board of their annual salary and the percentage of time spent on lobbying matters.   


Lobbying Law - Chapter 13, Wisconsin State Statutes 

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