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Register & Report Lobbying Activities

To effectively regulate and publicly disclose information on those organizations and persons spending money to influence the policy making process in Wisconsin, Chapter 13 of the Statutes requires organizations to register with the Government Accountability Board and report expenditures and efforts taken to influence actions of the legislative and executive branches of government.


This section provides information on determining if an organization needs to register as a lobbying principal and if an individual needs to obtain a lobbyist license. This page also helps explain on how to complete the registration process in Wisconsin. All lobbyist licenses and lobbying organization registrations and authorizations expire on December 31 of even years. All lobbyists and lobbying organizations must complete their registrations online via the Eye On Lobbying website. 


This page provides information on what lobbying information principals and lobbyists must report, when those reports are due, and how to report that information through the Eye On Lobbying website.