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The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board administers what are perhaps the most extensive lobbying disclosure laws in the United States, as well as managing what is arguably the most detailed lobbying reporting system in the nation. Wisconsin manages and reports lobbying efforts through the G.A.B.’s Eye On Lobbying website.

Eye On Lobbying 

This is Wisconsin's website for lobbying principal registration, lobbyist licensing and authorization, lobbying activity and expenditures reporting, and public disclosure of lobbying activities. 

Registration and Reporting 

Organizations attempting to influence the Legislature (also known as principals) must register with the Board, and individuals lobbying on an organization's behalf must obtain a lobbying license. Lobbyists must regularly report their activities. Veterans may be eligible for a one-time fee waiver. 

Training Materials and Schedules

The G.A.B. provides lobbying training materials such as user manuals, webinar videos, and holds in-person training events. While lobbyists and lobbying principals are the main audience for these training materials, some information may also be informative to others interested in lobbying activity in Wisconsin.

Legal Resources 

Wisconsin Statutes, Administrative Rules and G.A.B. guidelines and opinions provide a variety of resources related to lobbying in Wisconsin.

Lobbying Activity Summary Reports 

Here you can find summaries of lobbying activity going back to the 2003-2004 Legislative Session, such as the most lobbied bills or most active lobbying principals. You can also download basic cumulative data on principals and their lobbying efforts in Microsoft Excel format. Information about lobbying activities prior to 2003 is available in paper reports at the State of Wisconsin Historical Society. 

Brief History of Wisconsin Lobbying Laws

Learn about major changes to Wisconsin’s lobbying laws dating back to 1858.

Reporting Agency Legislative Liaisons

Agencies required to report legislative liaison information can complete their reporting requirements online and comply with WIS STAT § 13.695.