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Government Accountability Board Forms - Election Administration

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Due to the change to the Elections and Ethics Commissions in late June 2016, some forms will have EL and ETH designations.

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Form Numbersort icon Form Name Link
GAB-406 District Combination Validation
GAB-405 Certificate of Nomination
GAB-404 Polling Place Set Up
GAB-403 Election Worker Set-Up
GAB-402 Election Set-Up
GAB-401 Transmittal Form
GAB-367 Manuals & Webinars Order Form
GAB-362 SVRS Clerk Contact Information Update Form
GAB-200 Request to Discontinue Receiving Absentee Ballots
GAB-192 Annual Elections Cost Report
GAB-191 Election-Specific Costs Report
GAB-186 Sample Recount Petition
GAB-174 Petition for Placement on Presidential Preference Ballot
GAB-172 Petition for Direct Legislation
GAB-170 Recall Petition
GAB-160 SRD Revocation Notification
GAB-159 SRD Certificate of Appointment
GAB-158 SRD Application for Appointment
GAB-156 Oath of Special Registration Deputy
GAB-155 Oath of Special Voting Deputy
GAB-154 Official Oath
GAB-154 Official Oath Fillable
GAB-154 Official Oath Non-Deity
GAB-153 Certificate of Election Fillable
GAB-153 Certificate of Election Not Fillable
GAB-151 Nomination Paper Receipt
GAB-149S Notice of Cancellation of Registration and Confidential Listing (Spanish)
GAB-149 Notice of Cancellation of Registration and Confidential Listing
GAB-148S Identification for Protected Individual (Spanish)
GAB-148 Identification Card for Protected Individual
GAB-147S Affidavit for Confidential Voter Listing - Spanish
GAB-146S Application for Confidential Voter ( Spanish)
GAB-141S Application for Presidential Ballot (Spanish)
GAB-140S Application for Absentee Presidential Ballot (Spanish)
GAB-139S Authorization to Cancel Registration (Spanish)
GAB-133 Certificate of Registration
GAB-132 Missing POR Notification Letter
GAB-131 Voter Registration Application Spanish
GAB-131 Voter Registration Application Spanish - Fillable
GAB-129 Authorization to Serve as an Election Inspector (Poll Worker)
GAB-127 Missing Photo ID Letter
GAB-126 Elector Decline of Ballot In Residential Care Facilities and Retirement Homes
GAB-125 Absentee Ballot Carrier Envelope
GAB-124 Supplemental Absentee Log
GAB-123S Provisional Certificate Envelope (Spanish)
GAB-123r Provisional Ballot Reporting Form
GAB-123is Provisional Voting Information Sheet
GAB-123 Provisional Certificate Envelope
GAB-122S Standard Absentee Certificate-Spanish
GAB-121S Absentee Ballot Request-Spanish
GAB-121 Absentee Ballot Request-Hmong
GAB-119 Ineligible Voter Information Sheet
GAB-118S Contact Information (Spanish)
GAB-118 Contact Information PDF
GAB-118 Contact Information-Word
GAB-117S General Information on Voting Rights (Spanish)
GAB-117 General Information on Voting Rights
GAB-116S Instructions for First-Time Voters (Spanish)
GAB-116 Instructions for First-time Voters
GAB-115S Voter Qualification Poster (Spanish)
GAB-114S Notice of Crossover Vote (Spanish)
GAB-114 Notice of Crossover Vote at a Presidential Preference Primary
GAB-113S Notice of Overvote (Spanish)
GAB-113 Notice - Effect of Overvoting
GAB-112pS Effect of Crossover Voting at a Partisan Primary - Paper Ballots (Spanish)
GAB-112p Effect of Crossover Voting at a Partisan Primary_Paper Ballots
GAB-112mS Effect of Crossover Voting at a Partisan Primary-Op Scan Ballots-Spanish
GAB-112m Effect of Crossover Voting at a Partisan Primary-Op Scan Ballots
GAB-112 Simplified Effect of Crossover Voting at a Partisan Primary
GAB-111S Notice of Election Fraud - Spanish
GAB-111 Notice of Election Fraud
GAB-110 Order to Leave Polling Place, Clerk’s Office, or Alternate Absentee Ballot Site
GAB-109 Elections Observers Log
GAB-108 Inspectors' Certificate of Provisional Ballots
GAB-107c Poll List Certification
GAB-107 Supplemental Poll List
GAB-106AP Statement of the MBOC
GAB-106 Board of Canvassers Statement
GAB-105 Tally Sheet
GAB-104SVD Special Voting Deputy Log of Absentee Voting Activity
GAB-104mu Inspectors Statement Multiple Units
GAB-104cS Challenge Documentation - Spanish
GAB-104AP MBOC Record of Activity
GAB-101 Ballot Container Certificate
GAB-100 Annexation Checklist & Ward/Voter Information Sheet
EL-190NF Election Voting and Registration Statistics Report for Non-Federal Elections
EL-190F Election Voting and Registration Statistics Report for Federal Elections
EL-141 Application for Presidential Ballot
EL-140 Application for Absentee Presidential Ballot
EL-139 Authorization to Cancel Registration
EL-131 Voter Registration Form - English
EL-122m FIM C Address Side - Military Voters
EL-122m FIM B Address Side Military Voters
EL-122 NO FIM Address Side-Nonmilitary Voters
EL-122 FIM A Address Side Nonmilitary Voters
EL-122 Standard Absentee Certificate
EL-121 Absentee Ballot Request-English
EL-120m Military Absentee Ballot Mailer Envelope
EL-120 Absentee Ballot Mailer Envelope
EL-115 Voter Qualification Poster