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These sample ballots are for use by Wisconsin clerks in preparing actual ballots for elections. Sample ballots for voters are found on the My Vote Wisconsin website.

Form Number Form Namesort icon Revision Date Link
GAB-203Fms General Election Optical Scan Ballot - Federal Offices only 2014-07
GAB-203ms General Election Optical Scan Ballots with Referendum 2014-07
GAB-203F General Election Paper Ballot - Federal Offices only 2014-07
GAB-203 General Election Paper Ballot with Referendum 2014-07
GAB-228 Official Referendum Ballot 2015-01
GAB-201Fms Partisan Primary Optical Scan Ballot - Federal Office Only 2014-06
GAB-201ms Partisan Primary Optical Scan Ballots 2014-05
GAB-201F Partisan Primary Paper Ballot - Federal Office Only 2014-04
GAB-201 Partisan Primary Paper Ballots 2014-06
GAB-222 Primary Ballot_School_unnumbered 2014-12
GAB-251 Recall Election Ballot for Several Offices (2012-03) 2012/03
GAB-252 Recall Primary and Recall Election Combo Ballot (2012-03) 2012/03
GAB-250 Recall Primary Ballot for Several Offices 2012/03
GAB-229 Reverse Side of Paper Ballot 2015-01
GAB-227 Spring Election Ballot School area rep 2015-01
GAB-226 Spring Election Ballot School numbered 2015-01
GAB-225 Spring Election Ballot_School_unnumbered 2015-01
GAB-209 Spring Election Paper and Optical Scan Ballots 2015-01
GAB-213 Spring Election Paper Ballot-City Offices 2015-01
GAB-231 Spring Election Paper Ballot-Multi-jurisdiction municipal judge 2015-01
GAB-219 Spring Election Paper Ballot-Town with unnumbered seats 2015-01
GAB-218 Spring Election Paper Ballot-Towns with numbered seats 2015-01
GAB-215 Spring Election Paper Ballot-Village Offices 2015-01
GAB-224 Spring Primary Ballot School area rep 2014-12
GAB-223 Spring Primary Ballot School numbered 2014-12
GAB-208 Spring Primary Paper and Optical Scan Ballots 2014-12
GAB-216 Spring Primary Paper Ballot (Towns with numbered supervisors) 2014-12
GAB-217 Spring Primary Paper Ballot (Towns with unnumbered supervisors) 2014-12
GAB-230 Spring Primary Paper Ballot for Multi-jurisdiction municipal judge 2014-12
GAB-212 Spring Primary Paper Ballot-City Offices 2014-12
GAB-214 Spring Primary Paper Ballot-Village Offices 2014-12