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Voting Equipment Approval

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board has promulgated a set of administrative rules to establish the process for the approval of electronic voting equipment in Wisconsin.

When applying for approval in Wisconsin the voting equipment manufacturer must submit reports from Voting System Test Laboratories (VSTL’s) approved by the United States Election Assistance Commission that the equipment has been qualified to meet the current standards / guidelines.

Voting equipment and materials are reviewed by Government Accountability Board staff and an advisory panel of local election officials. The vendor must set up and demonstrate a series of mock elections; a spring nonpartisan election with a Presidential Preference vote, a September partisan primary election and a November general election.  There will also be a separate demonstration for members of the public, including persons with disabilities and Legislators.

After the Government Accountability Board staff and the advisory panel have reviewed the test results and examined the equipment, the system is demonstrated at a Board meeting. The Government Accountability Board review consists of a demonstration and a review of the evaluation made by the advisory panel and Board staff.  The Government Accountability Board makes the final determination on the approval of the voting system at a public meeting.