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Elections & Voting Statistics

About Our Statistics

The Government Accountability Board produces statistics on voter turnout and the number of registered voters. Additionally, the G.A.B. produces reports of statistics prepared and reported by municipalities about elections, known as the GAB-190.

Statistics on statewide voter registration prior to the 2008 presidential election are not available.  It was not until recent years that Wisconsin developed its Statewide Voter Registration System.  Prior to implementation of SVRS in 2006, not all municipalities were required to maintain voter registration lists. Requests for SVRS data such as voter lists should be made using the BADGER Voters website. More information on the data request process is available here: Data Request Process.

The G.A.B. has also revised the statement about data availability and quality to include information about election, voting, and registration statistics.  These revised statements are included in the document attached below.

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Statement on Data Availability and Quality.pdf110.84 KB

Wisconsin Voter Turnout Statistics

Attached below are documents summarizing voter turnout data for partisan and nonpartisan elections in Wisconsin.

The Government Accountability Board calculates voter turnout as a percentage of eligible voters -- the population age 18 and above -- as estimated by the Demographic Services Center of the Wisconsin Department of Administration. Census data and population estimates are available on their website.

1948-2016 Voter Turnout Partisan & Nonpartisan.xlsx18.2 KB
1984-2014 General Election Voter Registration and Absentee Statistics.xlsx13.15 KB
2012_Presidential General Election Turnout.xlsx148.99 KB

Voter Registration Statistics

Statistics for registered voters by congressional district, age, county, municipality and ward. Wisconsin does not register voters by party preference or affiliation.