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  • August 29, 2014 - 9:31am

    Updated at 10:12 a.m. with Juneau County's certification.

    Late Thursday, Juneau County completed its recount in Senate District 17 and submitted numbers to the G.A.B.; however, the Board of Canvassers still needs to meet later today to sign and certify the results.  We will update once the recount results are official.  Juneau County has now certified its results.

    This morning, G.A.B. staff updated the recount spreadsheet to reflect Juneau County's still-unofficial results:

    • Pat Bomhack -- 3,837
    • Ernie Wittwer -- 3,804
    • Write-In -- 1

    The final numbers show a 33-vote edge for Bomhack.  He gained 5 votes in Grant, 3 in Richland, 1 in Sauk and lost 12 in Green.  Wittwer gained 1 vote in Lafayette, lost 1 vote each in Sauk and Iowa and lost 42 in Green.

    At 5 p.m. today, Judge Gerald Nichol of the G.A.B. will certify the canvass statements for the recount in SD 17 and in AD 87 (which was completed earlier this week).

    Once the canvass has been certified, Wittwer will have five business days beginning Tuesday (Monday is the Labor Day holiday) to challenge the results in circuit court.


  • August 28, 2014 - 2:18pm

    Richland County has completed its recount of ballots in the 17th Senate District and the spreadsheet has been updated to reflect the latest numbers.  Click here for spreadsheet.

    The G.A.B. is still waiting for recount results from Juneau County, which is still in progress.  We do not have an estimate of when Juneau County will be complete.

    Regarding the recount of ballots in the City of Monroe (Green County), where there were 110 ballots missing, it is important for the candidates and the public to understand that the purpose of a recount is for the board of canvassers to make sure the ballots were counted properly and to resolve any discrepancies.  When there are discrepancies or a lack of a definitive result, the law allows the courts to review the decisions of the board of canvassers and, if appropriate, fashion a remedy to resolve any discrepancy.


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Recount Manual

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August 21, 2014
Procedures to request and conduct a recount for an election or referendum
Recount Manual -- Election Recount Procedures552.75 KB
Recount Plan 2014.pdf26.46 KB


This Recount Plan 2014 shall be used for recounts resulting from the 2014 Partisan Primary. This Recount Plan supplements and clarifies certain items of the Government Accountability Board’s manual entitled Election Recount Procedures, dated September 2008 (revised May 20, 2009). The Election Recount Procedures manual as supplemented by this Recount Plan shall govern the recount of any election for office at the Partisan Primary.

Where this Recount Plan conflicts with the Election Recount Procedures manual, the Recount Plan controls. The procedures set forth in the Election Recount Procedures manual as modified by the 2014 Recount Plan shall assist with ensuring a uniform recount process.

Authenticity of Ballots and Responsibility for Conducting Recounts

Questions about the authenticity of ballots arose during the 2011 Supreme Court recount process due to holes in some ballot bags, gaps in their closure or issues with security tags. A hole in a ballot bag or a missing security tag is not enough evidence alone to discard the ballots inside.  The ability to put a hand into a ballot bag is not by itself evidence of fraud. 

2014 Partisan Primary Canvass and Recount -- 17th Senate District

Candidate Unofficial Results Official Canvass Recount
Ernie Wittwer 3,828  3,847  3,804
Pat Bomhack 3,826  3,840  3,837

Witwer lead Bomhack by 7 votes in official canvass.  See official canvass statement attached below.

See Ward by Ward Recount Tracking spreadsheet attached below for vote totals from the recount. 

The G.A.B. has received certified results from all counties.  The G.A.B. will certify the canvass at 5 p.m. Friday.

17th_SD_DEM_Canvass_Report_(8.19.14).pdf26.78 KB
17 SD DEM Ward by Ward Report.pdf17.96 KB
17th SD DEM - Tracking 355 pm Friday.xlsx24.84 KB

2014 Partisan Primary Canvass and Recount -- 87th Assembly District

Candidate Unofficial Results Official Canvass Recount
Michael Bub 1,434  1,434  1,433
Scott Noble 960  960  960
James Edming 1,451  1,451  1,452
Shirl Labarre 1,338  1,339  1,339

All counties have reported.  Edming had a 17-vote lead over Bub after the canvass and a 19-vote lead after the recount.

87th AD REP Canvass Report (8.19.14).pdf26.86 KB
87th AD Ward by Ward Report Canvass.pdf11.21 KB
87th AD REP - Ward by Ward Recount Tracking.xlsx20.06 KB

2014 Partisan Primary Canvass -- 6th Congressional District

Candidate Unofficial Results Official Canvass Difference
Glenn Grothman 23,241 23,247 +6
Joe Leibham 23,027 23,028  +1
Duey Stroebel 15,868 15,873  +5
Tom Denow 2,115 2,117  +2
Write-In N/A 30 N/A

Grothman leads Leibham by 219 votes.

More detailed canvass documents will be posted Thursday.

2012 Recall State Senate District 21 Recount Information

State Senate D-21 Election and Recount Results

Candidate Unofficial Recount (certified)
Van H. Wanggaard 35,517  35,539
John Lehman 36,351

2011 Supreme Court Statewide Recount Information

The Government Accountability Board ordered a statewide recount, based on the Kloppenburg campaign's  request, of votes in the April 5, 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court election. The recount is now complete. The Government Accountability Board certified David T. Prosser Jr. as the winning candidate in the April 5, 2011 election for Supreme Court Justice, following a recount of ballots conducted by Boards of Canvassers in Wisconsin’s 72 counties. The Board’s certification notes that Justice Prosser received a total of 752,694 votes and that JoAnne F. Kloppenburg received 745,690 votes, a difference of 7,004 votes, or 0.46%. A total of 1,729 write-in votes were cast for other individuals.

Prior to the recount, Board staff held a teleconference for County Clerks, which is archived on Wisconsin Eye.

The Government Accountability Board, represented by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, filed a legal action in Dane County Circuit Court to establish the ground rules for Optech Eagle tabulating equipment used in the statewide recount of votes in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election.  Attorneys for the G.A.B. and the candidates reached a stipulated agreement to hand-count ballots in parts of 31 counties that use Optech Eagle scanners.

For detailed information about how recounts are conducted in Wisconsin, please consult the Election Recount Procedures Manual.

New! County-by-county page of certified recount results.


Certified 2011 Supreme Court Recount Totals

These are official recount results reported by the County Boards of Canvassers. The results have been certified and signed by the G.A.B.

County By County Spring 2011 Election and Recount.xls34 KB
Ward By Ward Spring 2011 Election and Recount.xls578.5 KB