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Getting on the Ballot: State Candidates - Partisan

For governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, state treasurer, legislative office:

GABIS-9 Ballot Access Checklist [revised for 2014]


GABIS-10 Campaign Finance Checklist [revised for 2014]



Recall Elections

For governor, lieutenant governor, state senator: 

GABIS-9R Ballot Access Checklist for Recall [revised 2012-03]

MEMO: Recall Elections – Ballot Access and Campaign Finance Filing Deadlines

GABIS-10 Campaign Finance Checklist


For District Attorney (not up for election until 2016):

GABIS-12 Ballot Access Checklist

Campaign Finance forms:

GABIS-10 Campaign Finance Checklist

IRS Requirements

Candidate committees may be required to file with the IRS. Click here for guidance.