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Fall 2014 General Election

General Election: Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014.

To find out who will be on your ballot, go to

Statewide Transporation Fund Referendum

There will be a statewide referendum about creation of a Transportation Fund on the ballot.  The referendum is the result of 2013 Enrolled Joint Resolution 1, which is attached below.

Candidate Lists

The most current lists (Candidates on the Ballot) are attached below.  These lists reflect results of the Partisan Primary on August 12, 2014, but not yet the recounts in Assembly District 87 and Senate District 17.

The Excel spreadsheet below contains a list of all candidates for the 2014 Partisan Primary and General Election, with contact information based on their campaign committees and declaration of candidacy forms. Approved write-in candidates will not appear on the ballot but their votes will be tallied and listed separately on the canvass. 

Offices to be Elected

This election is for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, Representative in Congress, State Senator (odd-numbered districts) Representatives to the Assembly (all districts).  County offices up for election are Sheriff, Clerk of Circuit Court and Coroner (where applicable).

2014 GENERAL ELECTION Candidates on Ballot as of 09-05-2014.PDF101.13 KB
2014 General Election Candidate Contact Information_SVRS and CFIS combined.xlsx81.53 KB
Certification of Independent Candidates for 11-4-2014.pdf18.13 KB
Offices to be Elected Fall 2014.pdf75.66 KB
2013 Enrolled Joint Resolution 1.pdf29.17 KB
2014GeneralReferendums.xlsx35.16 KB
Registered write-in candidates list (as of 9.19.14)docx.pdf43.82 KB