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Please read before filing a complaint

Statement from Kevin J. Kennedy, director and general counsel of the G.A.B:

The Government Accountability Board recognizes that many Wisconsinites have passionate views regarding politics in this state, as well as actions taken by elected officials on both sides of the aisle.

As a result, the G.A.B. receives many complaints asking the Board to investigate or become involved in what are, in essence, political controversies.  Not every action of a public officeholder that a citizen may disagree with constitutes a violation of the Ethics Code for State Public Officials or of campaign finance laws.

The G.A.B. is an independent, non-partisan agency.  The public can be assured the G.A.B. will investigate the activities of public officials where there is a reasonable basis to do so.  However, the G.A.B. has no authority over procedural rules of the Legislature, and cannot insert itself into political and legislative debates.

Complaints Outside the Board's Jurisdiction

The Board does not accept or investigate complaints involving the following:

  • Code of Ethics for Local Public Officials – Contact the district attorney in the county where the violation is alleged to have occurred.
  • Open Meetings and Public Records Laws – Contact the Wisconsin Department of Justice, 608-266-1221 or visit its website.
  • Code of Judicial Conduct – Contact the Wisconsin Judicial Commission, 608-266-7637, or visit its website.

Election Comments and Complaints

Leave a comment

Use this link to give us feedback -- positive and negative -- about your experience voting.  The Board will use this information to improve future elections.

Make a complaint

Use this link to report irregularities you witnessed with the recall petition process, at or around the polling place, or to file a complaint about an election official.  Information collected may be used to open an investigation, and forwarded to a District Attorney for possible use in a prosecution.

Elections Complaints Accepted

Complaints involving the following parties and subjects may be filed with the Board:

  • Election Crimes. 
    Anyone who witnesses potential election fraud or voter intimidation may file a report with the Board.  See Section §12.13.
  • Local election officials
    A voter may file a complaint alleging that an election official has violated the law or abused the official’s discretion regarding nominations, qualifications of candidates, voting qualifications, including residence, ward division and renumbering, recall, ballot preparation, election administration or conduct of elections.  See Section §5.06
  • Compliance with federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA)
    Whenever any person believes that a violation of HAVA has occurred, is occurring, or is proposed to occur with respect to an election for national office in Wisconsin, that person may file a written, verified complaint with the Board.  See Section §5.061, Stats. 

What complaints are outside
the Board's jurisdiction ?

Confidentiality of Complaints and Investigations


  • Members and staff of the Government Accountability Board are subject to strict confidentiality provisions related to investigations or prosecution of violations under the Board’s jurisdiction.  See Section 12.13(5).
  • Except as permitted by law and as necessary to communicate with law enforcement, no Board member, employee, or investigator may disclose information related to a Board investigation or prosecution. 
  • Violations of this confidentiality requirement are subject to a fine of not more than $10,000, imprisonment for not more than 9 months, or both.   See Section 12.60(1)(bm).

Campaign Finance, Ethics and Lobbying Complaints

The Ethics and Accountability Division accepts these complaints:

  • Compliance with Campaign Finance Laws. 
    Any person may file a complaint with the Board asking that it investigate alleged violations of campaign finance laws  under Chapter 11 of the Wisconsin Statutes.
  • Code of Ethics for State Public Officials. 
    Certain state public officials are subject to regulations related to standards of conduct, use of office for personal financial gain, and conflicts of interest.  See Sections 19.41 - 19.58.
  • Compliance with Lobbying Laws. 
    Lobbyists and organizations which hire lobbyists are subject to certain restrictions and reporting requirements under Sections 13.61 - 13.65 of the Wisconsin Statutes. 

The Board may conduct an investigation and pursue civil forfeitures, or refer the matter to the appropriate district attorney for criminal prosecution.

To File a Complaint:

Please complete form GAB-1100 to file a formal complaint with the Ethics and Accountability Division.

G.A.B. Complaints Process and Procedures

The G.A.B. receives numerous complaints each year from the general public, political parties, interest groups and public officials.  How and when those complaints are received, as well as what they allege, determines how the staff and the Board handle them.   See detailed G.A.B. Complaint Procedures, attached below.

In general, complaints received by the Board may fall into five categories: