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Military Elector Guidance and Documents

Effective November 2, 2010, the following election materials must be sent via electronic means (fax/email), if requested: (1) Voter Registration Application (GAB-131), (2) Application for Absentee Ballot (GAB-121), (3) Absentee Ballots.

Municipal clerks will also be required to add electronic (fax and/or email) contact information to all materials sent to military and overseas electors.

Uniform Absentee Ballot Instructions

Special Instructions for Military and Overseas Absentee Voters

Military Absentee Ballot Policy

GAB-120m Mailer Envelope

GAB-122m Address Side Military

GAB-122 Absentee Certificate

Federal Post Card Application This is an external link to the Federal Voting Assistance Program website.

Effective November 2, 2010, the electronic tracking of the receipt of military and overseas absentee ballots will be required by Federal Law. The G.A.B. is currently working on a system to assist election officials in meeting this requirement. Check back after July 1, 2010 for implementation information.