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SVRS Application Training Manual

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August 20, 2012
001 Table of Contents 2013.pdf22.23 KB
002 Getting Started.pdf2.86 MB
003 Voter.pdf3.89 MB
004 Voter Applications.pdf2.38 MB
005 HAVA Interfaces.pdf1.19 MB
006 Districts and Offices.pdf1.52 MB
007 Mapping 2013.pdf 6.22 MB
008 Polling Places.pdf583.24 KB
009 Contacts.pdf409.33 KB
010 Election Workers.pdf424.38 KB
011 Election Setup.pdf2.73 MB
012 Poll Books.pdf1.2 MB
013 Post Election Activities 2013.pdf1.93 MB
014 Absentee Applications.pdf3.05 MB
015 Absentee Ballots.pdf2.03 MB
016 Absentee Lite 2013.pdf1.84 MB
017 Reports.pdf1.77 MB
018 Mailings.pdf979.01 KB
019 Ineligible Voter List.pdf673.23 KB
020 Provisional Tracking System.pdf2.7 MB
021 WEDCS 2013.pdf556.71 KB
022 MyVote 2013.pdf6.74 MB
023 Canvass Reporting System.pdf3.06 MB
024 Four-Year Maintenance wFAQs.pdf3.25 MB
Appendix A - Voter App Required Fields Final.pdf401.21 KB
Appendix B - SVRS Election Checklists.pdf81.62 KB
Appendix C - Presidential-Only Ballots.pdf1.03 MB
Appendix D - Mapping 2013.pdf228.42 KB

The Government Accountability Board publishes this manual for the Statewide Voter Registration System. It was last updated in full in August 2012. Subsequent additions have been as of December 2013.

Click on the links below to open each chapter.