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Municipal Clerk Training

2005 Wisconsin Act 451 requires that all municipal clerks attend a Government Accountability Board (GAB) – Elections Division sponsored training program at least once every 2 years, §7.15(1m), Wis. Stats.   Wisconsin municipal clerks must attend the 3-hour Municipal Clerk Training Core Curriculum Course (MCT Core), by law, before they are certified to conduct an election.  Municipal Clerks must accumulate a total of six hours of election-related training each term to recertify for the following term.

Core Course Schedule and Online Registration

New Municipal clerks must take this course before they are certified to conduct elections.

Certification/Recertification of Municipal Clerks

After taking Core training, municipal clerks are required to take additional election training each term to recertify for the next term.

Municipal Clerks Training Report

The Municipal Clerk Training Report lists the number of hours clerks have reported and G.A.B. has recorded during the current term.

Election Officials' Training Table

This chart outlined the training required for new and recertified municipal clerks, chief and regular election inspectors.

Municipal Clerk Recertification Reporting Form

A form for clerks to use to report the training they have taken to us for recertification each term.



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