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Wisconsin’s election partners – county, municipal and school district clerks, chief and regular election inspectors, special registration deputies, special voting deputies, tabulators, greeters and canvass board members – are entrusted with the responsibility of conducting open, fair and transparent elections. The Government Accountability Board is responsible for providing the education, training and other resources needed to support these partners in managing their election duties.

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Please note:  Chief inspectors needed to accumulate six hours of approved election training during the 2012-2013 term to recerify for the current  2014-2015 term.  New chief inspectors must take the 3-hour Baseline Chief Inspector training class before their first election to be certified to conduct elections.  The municipal clerk tracks the training taken by his or her election inspectors.

Municipal Clerks are currently in the 2015-16 term and need to accumulate and report to the G.A.B. six hours of approved election training by December 31, 2016 to recertify for the 2017-2018 term. 

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