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Election Day Manual

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June 4, 2015
Election Day Manual for Wisconsin Election Officials
Election Day Manual June 2015.pdf7.32 MB

Elections in Wisconsin are conducted at the local level. Responsibility falls on election officials to ensure that every election is conducted in a manner that is fair, transparent, and accessible to all.

Many changes have occurred in the way elections are conducted in the State of Wisconsin over the past ten years. These changes have not been easy but due to the dedication, patience, and hard-work of election officials at all levels of government, we have transitioned well into the new requirements.

Under the auspices of a new agency, the Government Accountability Board, the Elections Division together with the Ethics and Accountability Division aims to continue to administer excellence in elections across Wisconsin.

However, on Election Day it is up to the local election officials to protect the integrity of the election process.

The Election Day manual was developed to serve as a comprehensive reference to help election officials meet the challenges of Election Day. It is my hope that you refer to it often and make use of the other resources cited throughout the manual. As always the Elections Division staff is here to provide answers and advice to assist you in fulfilling your obligations to defend democracy and ensure public confidence in the Wisconsin election process.

Kevin J. Kennedy
Director and General Counsel
Government Accountability Board

2/3/16:  Page 67, deleted "In the case of an absentee ballot whose envelope indicates that proof of identification must be included with the ballot, the ballot will be treated as provisional if no acceptable form of proof of identification has been provided with the returned ballot." 

2/23/16:  Page 98, added "If the missing proof of identification documentation is not in the envelope, the absentee ballot is rejected."

2/23/16:  Page 187:  updated Acceptable Photo ID picture guide.

The Election Day Manual June 2015 will not be revised until mid-year to reflect the new name of the agency and any legislative changes that may occur this year.

Additions to be included in the mid-year revision:

Deadline for registered write-in candidates to file the GAB-1 with the filing officer is 12 pm the Friday before the election.  Clerks should provide their election inspectors with a list of registered write-ins.  The list may not be posted and can only be offered to a voter if the election inspector is asked.