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Campaign Finance Training

On December 16, 2015, the Governor signed 2015 Wisconsin Acts 117 and 118 which make a number of important changes to campaign finance registration, reporting, and enforcement effective January 1, 2016, and replace the Government Accountability Board on July 1, 2016 with an Elections Commission and Ethics Commission.

Forms and Manuals

Most prior training materials no longer reflect current law. As time permits, G.A.B. staff will update forms, campaign finance overviews (manuals), the CFIS website and manuals, and webinars.

The CFIS Website

The CFIS website will not be updated for the 2016 January Continuing report. Therefore all data entry and upload functionality in CFIS will be the same as for previous reporting periods. The information provided on the 2016 January report may differ - for example, committees don't need to provide employer information for contributions over $100, even though that information was collected in 2015 when it was legally required. Any questions about the format of the 2016 January Continuing report should be referred to G.A.B. staff.

Committees may use the CFIS manuals posted below until they are replaced.

Campaign Finance Webinars

Staff plan to post new campaign finance webinars in April and May 2016. Topics to be discussed will include basic campaign finance rules, reporting, and summaries of legislative changes. More trainings may be added upon request and staff availability. Live webinars will be recorded and posted within 48 hours of the original webcast. Other webinars may be posted directly to the website.

 Click here to view recorded webinars.


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