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Campaign Finance Limits and Deadlines

By law, individuals and political action committees are limited in the amount of money they may contribute to campaigns.

Committees receiving contributions must report them by specific deadlines. Please consult the attached documents below for information about contribution limits and reporting deadlines.

The deadline for January 2016 Continuing Reports is midnight Friday, January 15, 2016.


There are penalties for exceeding contribution limits and failing to meet deadlines.  The Government Accountability Board's staff audits campaign finance reports, and the Board may impose forfeitures on individuals who are found to have exceeded contribution limits.  Committees that miss a reporting deadline are also subject to forfeitures. Please see the Campaign Finance Settlement Offer Schedule attached below.

Campaign Finance Report Dates 2016_2017_2018 revised Act117.pdf18.84 KB
Contribution Limits - All Candidate Types 2016 Final.pdf65.63 KB
Campaign Finance Settlement Offer Schedule 3-25-2015.pdf65.65 KB