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Campaign Finance Information System

The Government Accountability Board's Campaign Finance Information System is an online database of all state candidates, committees and contributors, as well as their campaign spending, donations and transfers. CFIS contains campaign finance data from January 2009 to the present.  Please click on the CFIS logo or visit

Older State Campaign Finance Data

From July 2002 to July 2008, many committees filed campaign finance reports in electronic spreadsheets.  For an index of those electronic filings, click here.  To request any of the files listed, email  If the information you are seeking is not there, the committee most likely filed on paper.  Depending on their age, those reports are located either at the Board offices in Madison, or the State Historical Society.

Local Campaign Finance Information

Campaign finance reports, filed by candidates for local offices, as well as reports pertaining to referenda, are filed with the appropriate county, municipal or school district clerk. For directories of clerks, click here



Click here to access Chapter 11, Wisconsin State Statutes. (External Link)

Click here to access GAB Administrative Rules.

Click here to access Campaign Finance Manuals

Click here to access Campaign Finance Opinions