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Government Accountability Board Elections - Division Staff

For general inquiries about Elections, please call (608) 266-8005. Send faxes to (608) 267-0500.
Click the staff member's e-mail address to send an e-mail.

Name Title Phone Number E-mail
Michael Haas Elections Division Administrator 608-266-0136
Juanita Borton SVRS Training Officer 608-261-2004
Tony Bridges WisVote Election Specialist 608-266-0118
Allison Coakley Elections Training Coordinator 608-261-2033
Christopher Doffing Multimedia Training Officer 608-261-2007
Marianne Griffin Elections Specialist 608-266-3061
Ross Hein Elections Supervisor 608-267-3666
John Hoeth Help Desk 608-264-6766
Jennifer Johnson Office Operations Associate - Training 608-261-2003
Nathan Judnic Staff Counsel 608-267-0953
Jodi Kitts SVRS Elections Specialist 608-261-2011
Diane Lowe Lead Elections Specialist 608-266-3276
Michael Nelson SVRS Training Officer 608-261-2006
Ann Oberle SVRS User Acceptance Testing - Lead 608-264-6764
Zach Robinson GIS Specialist 608-261-2032
Steven Rossman Help Desk Lead 608-261-2002
Richard Rydecki Accessibility Coordinator - Elections Specialist 608-261-2015
Tiffany Schwoerer Office Operations Associate 608-266-8005
Mai Choua Thao SVRS Election Specialist 608-267-7891
Jennifer Webb Elections Specialist 608-261-2030
Sarah Whitt SVRS Functional Team Lead 608-261-2034
Meagan Wolfe Public Outreach Coordinator- Elections Specialist 608-266-8175