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Government Accountability Board Staff 2016 - Alphabetical Listing

This is a listing of G.A.B. staff members as of June 29, 2016 when the Board was dissolved and replaced by the Wisconsin Elections Commission and the Wisconsin Ethics Commission. Visit those websites for current staff directories.

Name Title Division Phone Number E-mail
Richard Bohringer Lead Campaign Finance Auditor Ethics 608-267-7735
Juanita Borton SVRS Training Officer Elections 608-261-2004
Tony Bridges WisVote Election Specialist Elections 608-266-0118
Allison Coakley Elections Training Coordinator Elections 608-261-2033
Christopher Doffing Multimedia Training Officer Elections 608-261-2007
Michael Haas Elections Division Administrator Elections 608-266-0136
Adam Harvell Campaign Finance Auditor / Ethics Specialist Ethics 608-267-9252
Sharrie Hauge Chief Administrative Officer Administration 608-266-0404
Ross Hein Elections Supervisor Elections 608-267-3666
John Hoeth Help Desk Elections 608-264-6766
Jennifer Johnson Office Operations Associate - Training Elections 608-261-2003
Nathan Judnic Staff Counsel Elections 608-267-0953
Kevin J. Kennedy Director and General Counsel Administration 608-266-8005
Jodi Kitts SVRS Elections Specialist Elections 608-261-2011
Kyle Kundert Ethics Specialist Ethics 608-267-7890
Diane Lowe Lead Elections Specialist Elections 608-266-3276
Reid Magney Public Information Officer Administration 608-267-7887
Marni Martinson Office Operations Associate - Reception Administration 608-266-8005
Molly Nagappala Lobbying & Ethics Specialist Ethics 608-261-2014
Michael Nelson SVRS Training Officer Elections 608-261-2006
Ann Oberle SVRS User Acceptance Testing - Lead Elections 608-264-6764
Steven Rossman Help Desk Lead Elections 608-261-2002
Richard Rydecki Accessibility Coordinator - Elections Specialist Elections 608-261-2015
Tiffany Schwoerer Office Operations Associate Elections 608-266-8005
Mai Choua Thao SVRS Election Specialist Elections 608-267-7891
Jennifer Webb Elections Specialist Elections 608-261-2030
Sarah Whitt SVRS Functional Team Lead Elections 608-261-2034
Meagan Wolfe Public Outreach Coordinator- Elections Specialist Elections 608-266-8175