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This is the transition website for the new commissions. See more information about the new commissions below.

Voter Information

MyVote Wisconsin Website

At you can register to vote, check your voter registration status, find your polling place, see what's on your ballot, request an absentee ballot (military and permanent overseas voters only), and check provisional ballot status.

Voter Photo ID Required

The U.S. Supreme Court has affirmed the photo ID provisions of 2011 Wisconsin Act 23. A photo ID is now required to receive a ballot in all special and regular elections. Learn more about photo ID and voting here, and visit the Bring It to the Ballot website.

New Free State ID Card Policy for People without Birth Certificates

The Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles has a new policy to help people get a free state ID card.

Visit the Voter Information Center

Answers to questions about how to register, where to vote, when to vote absentee, and much more.

Fall 2016 General Election

This General Election will be held Tuesday, November 8, 2016 for President, U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, even-numbered Wisconsin State Senate seats, all Wisconsin Assembly seats, and all District Attorneys.

For a list of candidates who have registered or filed declarations of candidacy to get on the ballot, click on the attachment Candidates Tracking By Office.

Fall 2016 Partisan Primary

The Partisan Primary was Tuesday, August 9, 2016.

Offices on the ballot were U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, even-numbered Wisconsin State Senate seats, all Wisconsin Assembly seats, and all District Attorneys. Independent candidates names do not appear on the Partisan Primary ballot, but will be on the ballot in November.

Certified results of the Partisan Primary are available here.


For information about all candidates on the ballot in August, please see attachments below.  

Candidates on Ballot Aug 9 Partisan Primary (after Assembly 11 challenge).pdf116.27 KB
2016 Partisan Primary Candidate Contact Information.xlsx74.14 KB
2016 Partisan Primary Reporting Units.xlsx127.63 KB
2016 Partisan Primary Polling Place Locations.xlsx248.93 KB

Transition from G.A.B. to Elections and Ethics Commissions

Wednesday, June 29 was the last day of the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board. On Thursday, June 30, the Wisconsin Elections Commission and the Wisconsin Ethics Commission begin operations.

The Board and the Commissions have planned for a seemless transition between the agencies designed to ensure continuity in customer service. Most staff members, phone numbers, email addresses, and program websites will not change. The G.A.B. website will remain online as a resource and historical document.

Learn more about the transition here.

Visit the new commissions' websites:

Capitol Tulips by Michael Ejercito
Michael Ejercito
State Capitol Reflected May 2015
Matthew Giesfeldt
Wisconsin State Capitol photo by the Wisconsin State Journal
Leah L. Jones / Wisconsin State Journal

Quick Links:

Transition to Elections and Ethics Commissions -- Learn more about how the G.A.B. is transitioning to separate commissions on elections and ethics.

Campaign Finance Information System -- Search political donations and download reports for state candidates. For federal candidates, visit the Federal Elections Commission.

Voter Lists -- Buy voter registration and participation data from the the WisVote system through the new BADGER Voters website.

Election Results -- See results for all elections going back to the year 2000.

Election Statistics -- View and download data on voter turnout, voter registration and election costs.

Eye on Lobbying-- Track lobbyists' activities on our redesigned lobbying database website.

Statements of Economic Interests -- Search for financial relationships.

Judgment in Barland II Case

On Friday, January 30, 2015, U.S. District Judge Charles N. Clevert, Jr. entered declaratory judgment and a permanent injunction following the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit’s decision in Wisconsin Right to Life, Inc. v. Barland, 751 F.3d 804 (7th Cir. 2014) (“Barland II”). Pursuant to the district court’s order, attached below are the Barland I and Barland II opinions and the district court’s January 30, 2015, order.

Wisconsin Right to Life State PAC v. Barland (7th Cir.) - Barland I opinion.pdf209.32 KB
Wisconsin Right to Life, Inc. v. Barland (7th Cir.) - Barland II opinion.pdf1.34 MB
Declaratory Judgment and Permanent Injunction Following the Seventh Circuit Remand in Barland II.pdf97.55 KB
Order Correcting Typographical Error-36066.PDF37.47 KB

Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Eliminate the Office of State Treasurer

The Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau has published a notice regarding 2015 Enrolled Joint Resolution 7: Constitutional Amendment Approved on First Consideration to Eliminate the Office of the State Treasurer.

Read the report to learn about the constitutional amendment and what must happen before it can be submitted to the voters.

lrb_legislative_report_16_5.pdf228.59 KB

Accessible Voting Information

Accessibility Information for Voters -- registering to vote, voting equipment, absentee voting, curbside voting and a video about accessibility and voting.

Accessibility Information for Clerks -- legal requirements for accessible voting, assisting voters with disabilities, polling place setup, and deciding on new polling places.

2014-2015 Accessibility Report -- describes impediments to voting encountered by elderly voters and voters with disabilities who seek to participate in elections.